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For regular and emergency plumbing services, Claflin Plumbing & Gas Piping Service is prepared for any situation you may be facing. Offering repair and maintenance services for households and commercial facilities, Steve Claflin will  will be there to restore your water system back to normal.

Emergency Plumbing Service
Claflin Plumbing & Gas Piping Service is prepared for any emergency. Stocked with an assortment of replacement parts, our service truck is equipped with the right tools and gear to get the plumbing fixed on the first visit. Over the years Claflin Plumbing has managed thousands of plumbing systems and understands the urgency our customer’s feel when their plumbing fails.

Bathroom Plumbing



For Emergency Plumbing Service
Call Claflin Plumbing & Gas Piping Service at:
 (757) 851-6632  

Routine Plumbing Maintenance

clear drain

Not every homeowner has the time or the tools to take care of a leaky faucet or a clogged drain. Sometimes relatively minor plumbing maintenance is required to sustain a clear flowing system. We believe in treating a plumbing annoyance while it is a small issue before it evolves into a larger problem. No job is too small for Claflin Plumbing, especially when it ensures that you can depend on your plumbing to work. Call Claflin Plumbing & Gas Piping Service to schedule an appointment at:
(757) 851-6632 

Service for Your Drains
A When you notice your water flow is slower than it used to be or your drains are clogging up often, the cause may unseen and difficult to pin-point these cases we utilize a video pipeline inspection system to locate the source of the problem. This modern method eliminates all the guess work in trying to detect a problem within the pipes. With the monitor we may observe cracks, damaged pipes or an obstruction. Sometimes we find objects that have been flushed down the toilet such as jewelry or toys. One common cause is tree roots growing into the drain line. Before we use the video inspection system we can observe the location of the trees around the house. The roots of trees near the line may have grown into the pipes slowing down the water flow. Once we have restored your plumbing system back to normal, we can again view the area serviced with the video system.

Plumbing for Remodeling Bathrooms

Kitchen Sink
A terrific way to give your household a new look is to remodel your bathroom and kitchen. There is a lot of planning that goes into a remodel, and homeowners have many questions that only a qualified plumber can answer. When floor plans change and you want to install new bathroom fixtures or move the location of a sink or toilet, look to Claflin Plumbing to provide you with proficient contractor services.

State Certified Gas Fitter
We offer gas piping services for all types of gas appliances, including natural gas and propane. Steve Claflin can manage your gas piping system. Call Claflin Plumbing & Gas Piping Service for installation, regular maintenance and emergency services.

Claflin Plumbing & Gas Piping Service offers complete commercial and residential plumbing services and emergency services including:

Backflow Testing & Repairs
Electric & Water Jetting Drain Cleaning
Faucet Repairs
Fixture Installations
Gas Log Sets
Installation of Sewer, Grinder, & Injector Pumps
Kitchen Sinks

Sewer Drains
Residential and Commercial
Retrofit Fixtures
Sink Repairs
Tankless Water Heaters
Toilet Repairs
Tub Repairs
Video Pipe Inspection
Water Heaters


Some of the Products We Use And Recommend Checking Out Their Websites

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• Maax®
Bradford White®


Claflin Plumbing & Gas Piping Service offers complete commercial and residential plumbing
services and emergency services including:

Uniformed Virginia State Licensed

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